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HPPC Battery (Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization) Testing

Interested in creating reliable and optimized batteries that thrive in a range of conditions? It starts with Micantis and HPPC Battery testing. HPPC Battery (Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization) testing ensures that a battery’s dynamic performance characteristics are...

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The Value of Optimal Design of Experiments (DOE)

“I need you to produce more innovation per unit time.” This is a real quote from an industry CEO to his engineers, and a direct statement of the business problem. We need to go to market faster. Given a fixed quantity of cells that we can build and test, we can learn...

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Results Analysis and Taguchi Parameters

Since the Micantis platform captures technical cell design information and pairs it with the test data for the cell, it can generate analyses that relate design characteristics with performance data with very little work from the user. By automating the process, it...

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Optimal Design of Experiments (DOE) Methods

Optimal Design of Experiments (DOE) maximizes knowledge produced for a given number of tests. A design of experiment is simply a table of values where each column corresponds to a control variable, and each row corresponds to a cell design that will be built and...

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Battery Modeling

When it comes to battery modeling, there’s no magic bullet. The right model for a specific case depends on what questions need to be answered, and which phenomena drive the results of interest. For example, perhaps we would like a model that can predict the full cycle...

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