Free Model

More Innovation Per Unit Time

The MICANTIS Free Model empowers you to test unlimited half-cell designs to simulate cycles and gather valuable experimental data regarding full-cell performance.

The free version of our electrochemical model provides you with a wide range of input options, test parameters, and performance metrics designed to inform and refine your battery design process.

Experiment with confidence knowing that the MICANTIS Free Model has been validated by industry leaders against real cell data and development.

Benefits of the Free Model

Yield Immediate Full-Cell Insights

Upload and test original half-cell data to model full-cell performance.

Gauge Model Performance

Review comprehensive performance metrics, cycle summaries, time-series graphs, and mass/volume readouts to collect key data and refine your design process.

Generate Variations

Choose from a range of test parameters to produce multiple cell variations and iterations in seconds.

Run Multiple Simulations

Make anode or cathode alterations and simulate cycles for multiple full-cell models (as many as you’d like).

Ready to start uploading experimental data to produce comprehensive, full-cell insights? Let’s get started.

Micantis WorkBook

MICANTIS WorkBook takes the key functions of our Free Model to the next level, allowing you to quickly and easily create full cell models completely fitted to your customized electrode materials or data sets.

Enjoy your own cloud database, automatic uploads, and our step-by-step interface, which guides you through each model design in a matter of seconds. Along the way, mix and match any electrodes you’ve tested and predict performance at a rate and volume that far exceeds traditional lab tests alone.

MICANTIS WorkBook provides you with everything your business needs to guide cell development quantitatively and validate model predictions.Complemented by HPPC and EIS testing that gauges your battery’s performance within shifting, real-world conditions, our app gives product companies all the tools they need to evaluate and validate cells for their product lines, and allows battery designers to focus on generating innovative, leading-edge batteries.

Are you ready to try the most cost-effective and consolidated app for full-cell predictive modeling? Contact us today to demo the full electrochemical model capabilities of our premium app and streamline your design process.

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