Battery Designers

More Innovation Per Unit Time

Bypass exhaustive trial-and-error testing and multi-platform documentation of variables and factors. Instead, use our streamlined software, which offers high-performance data capture, analysis, cloud storage, and AI-driven predictive modeling that yields immediate insights.

Model your batteries before you build them and collect more actionable information once they’re built and tested. This means fewer physical batteries built, streamlined lab time, and eliminating duds through simulation.

With MICANTIS, you streamline DOE, consolidate your data, and stay a generation ahead of the competition.

How It Works

Our software allows you to expedite discovery by using a validated model for your batteries. Run thousands of experiments online and eliminate the duds before you build physical models.

MICANTIS’ validated electrochemical model is an industry first, letting battery designers predict full cell performance using half-cell data. Mix and match anodes and cathodes to simulate cycles and gauge the performance of multiple full cell models.

Don’t trust the model? We say: trust no one. Using MICANTIS WorkBook, you can validate our model against your real data and easily create full cell models entirely tailored to your customized electrode materials or data sets. We use measured data for your designs and apply unique but transparent techniques to predict cycle life, voltage window, current, C rate, and more.

Try our Free Model today, or contact us to learn more about the following:

Automatic data import from cycle testers, potentiostats, data readers

Optimal Design of Experiments integrated with battery meta-data

Full featured graphing designed for batteries

Integrated Modeling

  • Data-driven: use your meta-data to uncover things you missed
  • Electrochemical: use half cell data to predict full cell performance; optimize your design and eliminate duds before you build a cell
  • DFT: model novel molecules to identify opportunities


  • HPPC: spend seconds not hours generating results
  • DCIR: fully automated, analyze a test in seconds
  • EIS Analysis: generate circuit models in seconds, never convert, export, or import test data
  • Grouped cycle plots: compare groups of cells graphically
  • Normalized plots based on meta-data: flexible, customizable, and easy
  • Formation analysis: slice and aggregate formation data many ways instantly
  • Battery storage: each storage test generates several data files; aggregate the data and produce presentation-ready graphs and tables in seconds

Let's Talk

To demo the MICANTIS Platform for use within the context of your own company’s discovery process, please contact us today. We’re excited to start the conversation and help you focus on new discoveries.