More Innovation Per Unit Time

Our goal is to provide battery designers and product companies the industry’s first consolidated software solution to build better batteries faster and stay a generation ahead of the competition. Although we leverage the most leading-edge Ai and machine learning tools to maximize results for your business, we emphasize affordability, speed, and user-friendly features –ensuring that your company can streamline and expedite design of experiments; reduce time to market; and remain an industry leader.

Our intuitive software transforms high volumes of (meta)data from disparate sources into centralized insights, eliminating logjams and allowing you to experiment, eliminate duds, and develop energy storage solutions that consistently advance your business.

With years of collective experience as material engineers and executives, we understand and empathize with the common hurdles battery designers and product companies face in laboratory and evaluative settings. As a result, our design process is informed by our desire to craft comprehensive, fast, and easy-to-use software that saves our clients time and money.

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