Product Companies

More Innovation Per Unit Time

Product companies want to quickly and accurately evaluate new battery designs that could support innovation in their product lines. Our leading-edge software expedites battery testing to help you quickly determine how your battery will perform in a range of dynamic, real-world applications.

With MICANTIS, you can test and verify cell quality on a shortened timeline, allowing you to incorporate high-performance batteries into your product lines faster and with greater confidence in their reliability and performance. Improve your market leadership by staying a generation ahead of the competition.

How It Works

Prospective battery suppliers show up with grand claims that need to be verified on real batteries. To gauge the efficacy of cells, product companies should use advanced analytical processes like HPPC and EIS testing. Battery management parameters need to be optimized for the new cells. For existing suppliers, cells need to be sampled and tested to verify performance quality in real-world conditions.

MICANTIS gives you more knowledge faster about the batteries you’re considering for product use. We alert you to early failures on testers so engineers can produce full battery analyses in minutes rather than hours. Our software lets you automatically build reports in PowerPoint to compare batteries against specs or against different suppliers.

Do you have a battery management system (BMS) and need to optimize software parameters for a new battery? MICANTIS provides more knowledge faster by integrating Design of Experiments that predict those parameters with just a few cycle tests.

Worried about data discombobulation? Our software is consolidated into one integrated tool, eliminating the need to simultaneously manage Excel, Minitab, or python scripts and data manipulation. Instead, we ensure that your data is centralized, accessible and secure.

Are you ready to improve your market leadership and quickly verify new battery designs for quality and performance? Try our free model or contact us today to learn more about the following:

Automatic data import from cycle testers, potentiostats, data readers

Integrated test protocol definitions

Full featured graphing designed for batteries

Report generation directly into your PowerPoint template


  • HPPC: spend seconds not hours generating results
  • Normalized plots based on meta-data: flexible, customizable, and easy
  • Battery storage: each storage test generates several data files; aggregate the data and produce presentation-ready graphs and tables in seconds
  • Grouped cycle plots: compare groups of cells graphically

Let's Talk

To demo the MICANTIS Platform for use within the context of your own company’s discovery process, please contact us today. We’re excited to start the conversation and help you focus on new discoveries.