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HPPC Battery (Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization) Testing

Jul 17, 2022

Interested in creating reliable and optimized batteries that thrive in a range of conditions? It starts with Micantis and HPPC Battery testing.

hppc battery test software

HPPC Battery (Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization) testing ensures that a battery’s dynamic performance characteristics are evaluated under a variety of operating conditions, states of charge (SOC), environmental stressors, and current loads. This type of testing accurately emulates the discharge/charge dynamics and electrical changes that occur in a typical automotive cell during acceleration and other common operating processes.

HPPC is a simulated “foot on the pedal,” providing invaluable data about the variable-rich, in-context operations of a battery.

When HPPC battery testing is completed alongside static capacity testing, the discovered data regarding voltage, time, and current response can generate useful parameters for the battery’s equivalent circuit model (ECM). This can then be utilized to predictively model battery performance under an array of load and environmental conditions. Without the comprehensive data drawn from HPPC battery testing, the “performance picture” of your modeled battery remains incomplete or one-dimensional.

For HPPC battery testing and other vital experimental processes, the Micantis Platform is your ideal resource to reduce time to market, lower development costs, and let you focus on your central task: innovation. Our leading-edge software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the performance of cell designs you haven’t tested yet, pinpointing favorable design variables that lead to an optimized battery.

hppc test battery

Our modeling and data automation tools lets you bypass exhaustive trial-and-error testing and multi-platform documentation of variables and factors. Instead, engineers benefit from our streamlined software, which offers high-performance data capture, analysis, storage, and predictive modeling that yields immediate insights.

It’s time to Build Better Batteries FASTER.

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